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Please find below a brief summary of a few news releases. They all can be viewed as a printer friendly PDF format (requiring the free Acrobat Reader).

April 7th is "World Health Day"

What is the future of world health? Don't miss out this interview with Petrene Soames, author of The Essence of Self-Healing who has "progressed" into the future and brings fascinating insights about the future of world health. Your listeners will be captivated. Light up the airways with a spectacular show.

  1. Just how much medication will we be taking in the year 2050?
  2. How has present research paid off 35 years from now?
  3. Then and how will science, medicine and healers work more closely together?
  4. Read on... [View PDF]

Too much going on? Feeling Saturated? March 20th is the First Day of Spring! Time to Spring Clean Your Life!

Spring is here. It's the time we brush away cobwebs, spring clean our houses, replace the old with the new, generally feel ready and inspired to bring positive change into our life. Sadly often nothing really changes. Stress keeps building up. Nothing new happens. We get burned out, unhealthy, unhappy. So this year, make real room for the new and see how your life starts really changing and moving ahead again!

Don't let your listeners miss Petrene Soames' Top Ten Tips to Spring Clean Your Life. Give them real and fun information that will also help them enjoy life a little bit more… [View PDF]

March is "National Feminine Empowerment Month"

The following topics will make a great one-off interview or can be used as part of regular daily 2-5 minutes spots throughout the month of March. Petrene Soames has the knowledge and advice and is bringing the subjects that women want to hear about.

  1. Top Ten Tips to celebrate being a woman and the multitude of possibilities.
  2. Are you loving or mothering your man. Wise up and take back power in relationships.
  3. The nun, the whore, the mother, the Queen, the high priestess and the crone… What role are you playing and how do archetypes affect your life?
  4. Read on... [View PDF]

Houston, we do have a problem!

The residents of Houston just won a dubious distinction that hits them right at their waistlines. For the second year in a row, Houston ranks No. 1 as the fattest city in the USA, according to results released last month in Men's Fitness magazine. But Houstonians are not the only ones getting bigger and fatter. According to the Federal Centers for Disease Control, 56.4 percent of American adults are overweight, and the number jumps to 65.5 percent for males only. Being overweight is becoming epidemic in the US despite the fact that there are more "miracle" products and diet products on the shelves than ever before. When diet pills, diet food and diet regimes don't work and when exercising is not the answer either, what's left? Are we doomed to become fatter and fatter? [View PDF]

Terrorist attacks? Anthrax attacks? Biochemical attacks? Nuclear attacks? How to feel safe and survive the ongoing panic?

Feeling safe is an issue of paramount importance to us all in these changing times, especially after the September 11th attack on the USA. Reuters News Headlines on October 15th states that anxious New Yorkers turn to drugs, psychiatrists, therapists and anti-depressant drugs to help them deal with stress, anxiety and paranoia. Americans are now dealing with a new threat to their safety with the Anthrax contaminated letters. Recently the topic of smallpox has being brought up by the media, adding to already high level of stress... [View PDF]

September 11th 2001 Tragedy: Top Ten Tips to heal the individual and national psyche.

As individuals and as a nation, many of us are still reeling after sustaining incredible shock and trauma due to the recent terrorist activity in the United States. What can we do as individuals to take back control, heal and get back on track with our lives? [View PDF]

Which celebrity are you dying to interview? Top Psychic talks with the famous from beyond the grave!

Has John Lennon found peace at last? Are Jackie and JFK together on the other side? Why did Kurt Cobain kill himself? How's Princess Diana feel about her grown-up sons? Whatever question you have about your favorite celebrity, from politicians and rock stars to historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Petrene Soames will provide the answer. If you've looking for a special treat and a very special show, Petrene is a must-have guest. [View PDF]

World Top Psychic, Healer and Visionary speaks out: "America, it's time to wake up!"

At last Petrene Soames reveals how problem solving, healing, changing your life, having what you want, being happy, having amazing experiences is simple when you know how. "We are not victims, but free and powerful beings, no matter how ordinary we sometimes feel," says Petrene Soames. [View PDF]

Despite the efforts of traditional and alternative medicine in the last 10 years, Americans health has barely improved.

The fact remains that in the United States, the three leading causes of death have stayed virtually unchanged. According to a report conducted in 1998 by the National Center for the Health Statistics, heart disease caused an estimated 725,790 deaths in 1997, compared with 733,361 deaths in 1996; cancer caused 537,390 deaths in 1997 and 539,533 the year before; and strokes caused 159,877 deaths in 1998, and 159,942 in 1996. [View PDF]

When prescription drugs kill and natural products are unsafe...

More than 196,000 people die and 2.2 million are injured each year by adverse reactions to prescription drugs. The use of prescription drugs is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA. Is our society becoming over-medicated? Are pharmaceutical drugs and natural remedies really the solution? [View PDF]

No, you don't have to get cancer or heart disease because someone in your family did.

50 years after the discovery of DNA by Francis Crick and James Watson (1953), the hereditary factor, originally presented as an hypothesis and never proven true, is now proven wrong. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at the health histories of 45,000 twins and found that what they ate and how they exercised had much more influence of their cancer risk than heredity. The message is that you have more control of your cancer risk, and of your health, than you think. [View PDF]

The Truth about Rebirthing: The Colorado Trial.

"Like many people across the country I am horrified, appalled and saddened" said Petrene Soames, a professional rebirther with 12 years of experience and author of The Essence of Self-Healing. "Rebirthing does not involve covering the head or face with blankets or pillows or anything else. During a rebirthing session, any sign of distress should be immediately reacted upon and the session stopped. I understand that the girl was called a 'quitter', that she vomited, and was even allowed to soil herself and told to die. This is not rebirthing. It is absolute abuse." Said Petrene Soames. [View PDF]

Go into the Future, live on Television...

Don't miss out on this Incredible Television Opportunity! Ever wondered what's going to happen in the future? Your program host, national celebrity or studio audience member can fast forward into the future and see for themselves... [View PDF]

Let's talk about real news: I'll take you into the future

I'll take one of your reporters a few days ahead of time to any future event or meeting of your choice. He/she will live the event and narrate it. The session will be recorded/filmed. The whole session/interview will last about one hour. If "Communicating with your pets" is News, what about going forward in time? I'll show you that it is possible. Don't take my word for it, just check it for yourself. [View PDF]

The War on Death Campaign

"I named the project War on Death because I feel it's time to remove the veil of ignorance which we romanticize surrounding the issue and concept of death. The world en-masse is in need of re-realizing what life and death really is after a forever disconnection, and to recognize the deep sense of isolation that exists in individuals because of our disconnection. Death is not an absolute. We are already living in forever. I feel it is time to bring down the walls, the lines and the barriers. The keys are here and now. We are both physical and non-physical beings; we are not simply dead or alive, but both." said Ms Soames. [View PDF]

Houston's most haunted building: One of the most fascinating and astounding ghosts experience in my 22 years career within the paranormal...

On June 3rd, 2001, one of the oldest British pub in Houston, Texas and most haunted site - The Ale House - will shut their doors forever. Soon after, the building will be demolished. But for decades, the presence of 3 ghosts has been reported over and over with countless sightings. "What will happen to these ghosts? " was the question on everyone's mind at the Ale House. Local TV stations and Media flocked to the scene to find out. Petrene Soames was asked to conduct a séance. Find out what happened next. [View PDF]

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