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"The most important thing not to do is to take any one way or regime and say: "This is it!" Because the "this is it" is constantly changing and moving as life is and as you are.

Nothing is only as it seems. Always expect the unexpected and remember that anything is possible. Develop your own awareness of yourself and your reality, and then you will begin to see just how amazing you are and how perfect everything really is."

The Essence of Self-Healing, Chapter 3.

Experience The Essence of Self-Healing: stage 1-9

Four-Hour Workshops

Pictured in a workshop in Taipei, Taiwan

Duration: 4 hours
Fee per participant: $60.00 - Vegetarian refreshments included.
Group size: 8-30 participants

The four-hour workshops offer a highly positive and creative hands-on opportunity to experience self-healing, awareness and pure joy. Learn how to take pain out of your body faster than using a pain killer and how to simply work through issues and traumas without years of therapy. Discover the real you and release past blocks, conditioning and barriers. These workshops are designed to bring knowledge, self-awareness, self-confidence and understanding. Packed full of tips, exercises and so much more to take home with you and use after the event.

These four-hours workshops offer a highly positive and creative hands-on opportunity to experience self-healing, awareness and pure joy. Participants will work individually and as a group using self-realization and healing techniques during this dynamic and uplifting event.

Designed to bring knowledge, understanding, self-confidence and self-belief, this workshop is an inspiring and empowering experience. With over 20 years of experience in self-help, awareness, motivation, healing and the paranormal, Petrene Soames delivers a not-to-be missed experience for all participants.

Experience The Essence of Self-Healing

Two-day Weekend Workshop

Duration: 10-12 hrs total depending on the number of participants.
Fee per participant: Call 281-363-9983.
Group size: Flexible

Intended audience: Anyone who wants to explore for himself or herself the mind/body, emotions/body, mental/spiritual/body connection and find out how to become well on all levels. Audiences are in general comprised of 70% female, 30% male. Age groups are generally 30-60 years old.

Goals: Heal and clear blocks at the root; get in and stay in great shape and balance; develop further personal confidence, consciousness, and awareness in the simplest, fastest and most effective ways.

Material required: The only materials needed are notebooks and pens. It's useful to have read The Essence of Self-Healing, but not vital. The book can be made available at the workshop. 70% of the material used is experiential and 30% is didactic, but always informative, interesting and interactive.

We may all know that we can heal our bodies and emotions and can find our own answers to our own questions, even heal the past, but this workshop shows how in an incredibly simple and unique way.

Living in love

Four-Hour Workshops

Duration: 4 hours
Fee per participant: $60.00 - Vegetarian refreshments included.
Group size: 10-30 participants

Have you ever wondered what being in love really means, or how to make it last? Do you wonder why you attract relationships into your life that aren't right for you? How can you "be there for yourself " and tune into that love vibration instantly? What thoughts, feelings and ideas do you need to let go of about love, so that you can attract all the love that you want and need into your life?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, in this hands-on, one of a kind, fun stimulating, inspiring and life-changing workshop. Guaranteed to be some of the best four hours that you ever spent.

"When you compare yourself to anyone, you create mental and emotional blocks within yourself. There are endless reasons why you chose to be as you are in the first place. You may have forgotten these reasons, but they can be rediscovered if you decide to start looking."

"As you accept yourself, the "perfect you" can and will be expanded to people around you, outside of you and within you."

The Essence of Self-Healing, Chapter 4

Create and Play

Creative Workshop

Duration: 8 hours
Fee per participant: $150.00. Vegetarian lunch & refreshments included.
Group size: 12-15 participants

Do you want to get in touch with your creative side but don't know where to begin? Don't miss this great opportunity to have fun, learn, create and play. Join Petrene Soames and connect with your creative self, and find out how creativity can make your life flow more smoothly.

This workshop is packed with information, tips, hands on experience, and activities, and can be the beginning of a whole new life experience. Creativity and play are also healing pathways for the mind, body and spirit. A great opportunity to get in touch with you!

Understanding Healing

Using, Expressing, Creating and Living with Color

Duration: 8 hours
Contact Petrene at 281 363 9983 for class size & availability

This one day workshop is part one of a two day course which goes beyond all you have learnt and understood about color so far.

Petrene shows you how to explore your own personal relationship with color, find the colors that you need now and how and why they will work for you.

Let go of preconceived ideas about color, understand and gain hands on experience of color healing, see how it actually works fast. Learn simple but effective tools that you can use in everyday life situations to loose weight to give yourself an energy lift, to help to develop your awareness and psychic abilities and heal yourself and others. Discover where color fits into a much greater picture how it is connected and makes up life and reality itself and where it all begins. Use meditation effectively and travel with color to the creative source.

Discover the creative colorful being that you truly are.

Group Breath Work Workshop

A Unique Clearing, Healing Experience and Process with Petrene Soames

Duration: 8 hours
Contact Petrene at 281 363 9983 for class size & availability

No, this is not “Rebirthing,” “Rebirthing” is a process and tool that works at its best on a one to one basis.

This breath work workshop is not only an amazing opportunity to heal and clear and feel totally new, in a safe comfortable space. It's also an opportunity to discover tools involving the breath that you can use in your everyday life to clear yourself on a regular basis and also to more fully breathe in life and to connect with all the joy that goes with it.

Discover how you can use simple breathing techniques to create positive reality, to change the past and make the most of every single moment.

Learn how to breathe positive experiences and release those emotions that you have no longer a use for.

This workshop is great for a group of friends, work associates, family. Get togethers or come alone and meet new friendships waiting to happen.

A Useful, rewarding, uplifting and inspiring experience whichever way you go.

Stretch and Grow Workshop

Stretch your body and stretch your whole being

Duration: 3 hours
Contact Petrene at 281 363 9983 for class size & availability

Discover that you are seen as you project yourself to others. Stretch your body and stretch your whole being, your psyche and your reality. The sky is not the limit. There is much much more. Feel better than you have done in years with simple stretching and movement that anyone can safely use. All ages and all levels of physical fitness will benefit from this workshop. Bring your friends and then start up your own regular classes and watch your own and others' life change in totally positive and perhaps surprising ways.

Bring the body, mind and spirit together and align yourself with one and everything. This is the perfect mini workshop for anyone trying to renew or find their zest passion and wanting to wake up to life.

Creating and Accepting Material Prosperity and Abundance

One day, eye opening, hands on opportunity

Duration: 7 hours
Fee per participant: includes one hour lunch break and two fifteen minute breaks.
Group size: 35 participants
Contact Petrene at 281 363 9983 for class size & availability

Spiritual, Metaphysical, caring, sharing and giving, yet many "good" people have a difficult time creating and accepting financial wealth, health and/or material prosperity, happiness and abundance.

Why does this happpens? How can it be changed? Which 10 simple but hightly effective steps can be taken to bring fast, desired positive change?

How can someone even in dire circumstances create more wealth, health and happiness in their life?

Is the "More you give the more you get" a true working statement?

Join Petrene Soames for this not to be missed, one day, eye opening, hands on opportunity, to learn the secret of what's holding you back from creating, receiving, and accepting a lot more in your life. This workshop is for anyone who wants more and for those who want to help others get more.

Dreaming Up Stuff

The Creative Art of Doing Nothing

Duration: 8 hours
Group size: 10-30 participants
Contact Petrene at 281 363 9983 for class size & availability

This One Day workshop is something that we all need these days, to once again dream, to learn the importance of daydreaming and what actually happens when we do nothing. Doing nothing is indeed a positive creative art, because we then hand over our imagination and creative powers to another part of us that works on different levels in different ways. It's a lot about being in ways we are not used to and have not yet realized the value of, vs. doing in the ways that we have been taught.

In fact, we may have been admonished at some time in our lives with the words "stop dreaming your life away". Petrene Soames says "Dream your life back, and Dream your life forward".

"The creative art of doing nothing" is an art which many of us have forgotten, have become uncomfortable with, or perhaps never even got in touch with, and yet it goes even beyond positive and creative thought in the creating your own reality process.

For those of you who saw and loved the movie "What the bleep" but wondered what to do next, this workshop is the next practical step. So join Petrene for this one day workshop, get ready to be informed, delighted, relaxed and amazed.

Hands on tools and exercises will be included in the workshop that you can use in your own life and share with others. Plenty of food for thought will be served. The workshop will also take a break for one hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks throughout the day.

Celebrate your Birthday and any special occasion with up to 8 friends

A day of Fun and Creativity

Duration: from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Group size: up to 8 friends
Fees: $150.00 per participant. Includes vegetarian meal and snacks, giveaways and prizes.
Contact Petrene at 281 363 9983 for availability

Yes! Really celebrate your birthday with up to 8 friends and Petrene Soames.

The "Heal, Love, Create and Play" workshops are available on weekday or Saturdays in The Woodlands, TX.

Enjoy the following activities:

  • Coloring
  • Collage
  • Love Dolls
  • Painting
  • Story Telling
  • Poetry
  • Eating
  • Laughing
  • Sharing

Looking for something different? Discover the creative you, have fun like you haven't in years.
Relax, enjoy, create, discover, play and learn!

Harmony in The Workplace"

These days the average American takes only six paid sick days a year off work...

Duration: Not fixed
Contact Petrene at 281 363 9983 for availability

The average American gets two paid weeks of vacation a year, while in Europe five full weeks in many countries is the norm. Americans are becoming a nation of the sleep deprived as well as cases of insomnia on the rise. In fact, on average, workers with insomnia take 5.8 days a year off from work while good sleepers take 2.4 days.

With more and more Americans changing their careers midlife and the complete turnaround of the workplace, anything can happen and often does. How can stress in the workplace be avoided and how can slight changes to the work environment and our own attitudes turn work into a healthy balanced place to be?

Petrene Soames shows you how with her "Balance in the Workplace" offering.

If you are an employee who wants to bring positive change to the workplace, an employer who wants to create a more positive productive environment or the CEO of a major company, call Janie Jones or Petrene Soames at 281 363 9983 to schedule this practical, illumination, problem solving, harmonizing, solution to your work place blues.

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