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The Color Rooms are an experience by themselves, one which will be unique to each individual. You can use the Color Rooms to meditate, focus, and connect more deeply with yourself. It is also a great way to take a break and let go of stress. Have fun taking part of the Color Analysis program, find out even more about you and be sure to tell all of your friends.

The Focus Rooms are a powerful individual interactive experience as you relax and gaze at the specially created images. You may well find yourself transported into realms of unparallel beauty and vision. This is the beauty of your very own mind and consciousness. Delve deeper into inner and outer space; explore and discover the amazing being that you really are.

The Sound Room is a place to listen to a selection of exercises and short meditations recorded by Petrene. It's also a place to listen to radio extracts from talk shows. Come and relax listening to Petrene.

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